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Why I love In Home Newborn Sessions | Kansas City Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

There are so many different styles and options to choose from when it comes to newborn photography. So how do you know what style is right for you? If you find yourself nodding to yourself with my reasons below, then my style might be what you are looking for!

Kansas City Lifestyle Newborn

You get to stay at home

Those first two weeks after having a baby are some of the most blissful, yet challenging times. You are trying to soak in all that magical newborn goodness, while also functioning on very little sleep. The thought of having to leave your house might make you a little nervous or worrisome. So I make it easy and come to you! I find people are the most comfortable in their own home where they can take breaks if they need to, sit in their "comfy" chair and eat their own snacks.

Your photos feel like YOU

Since we are taking photos in your space, your photos are going to feel a lot more like you and reflect your style. Nurseries are my favorite place to shoot, but I also just love finding great places in your house to take pictures. While I have plenty of gowns, swaddles and onesies you are free to use, I also love capturing babies in their own special clothes too.

Siblings are more involved, but it's also easier to take breaks

I love having siblings help if they want to and I want them involved as much as possible. But big brothers and sisters can also get overwhelmed (depending on the age) and might need a break. They can go play with their toys and have a snack and it's no big deal! But let me tell you...I just adore the sibling shots. Makes my heart just melt and want 5 more kids.

Your fur babies get featured too!

Most of the time, your animals were there before the babies. So if it all works out, I absolutely love to include your dogs, cats, or any other animal you might have! I have two big dogs myself, so I'm all about it.

If all of this speaks to you, then reach out and let's get your session planned!


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