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So You Booked a Boudoir Session!

Now What?


4 weeks before session

Pick out and buy those outfits! This will you give you time for shipping as well as making changes if you want to. At the end of this page, I have a styling guide, but please feel free to check out my Pinterest page for inspiration!

3-6 days before session

Prep that skin, prep those nails and prep that hair! Now is a good time to get a manicure and pedicure if you want one and a last minute trim to the hair. *Ahem* speaking of hair, if you are the waxing type, this is the time to do that too to help give you skin time to calm down. Hydrate and drink lots of water the week before the session, as it helps you skin look refreshed and glowing! Spray Tan Warning: if you do not get them regularly, this is not the time to do one. We don't want orange skin, streaky skin or stains on the white bed. If you are a pro, then do it!

Session Day

When coming to the studio that day wear something super loose fitting. And no bra. For real. Bras, tight pants, socks, etc. all leave those annoying little indentations in your skin- and those take a while to leave, so it's best to skip them. Make sure to arrive a few minutes early to ensure we you get your full time for the session.

2-3 weeks after session

Reveal Day! We either meet in person or via zoom to reveal your photos and order your album (depending on package). I will have a mock up album ready and we can adjust what images you want in there at that time.


Some Common FAQ's

Do I have to get naked?

Absolutely not! You do whatever feels comfortable! Boudoir is about feeling comfortable in your skin. And that may mean more covered up!

Do you photoshop?

I do some light skin smoothing and removal of blemishes, bruises, etc. But I'm not going to change your entire shape, because babe you're gorgeous as you are! I know how to pose you in flattering ways!

Will my images be on your website and social media?

Only if you allow me to! This is your body and I would never post anything without consent. You also can sign a limited release of approved images I can post. Totally up to you!

I'm nervous! Will I be able calm my nerves to look comfortable?

I'm not trying to brag on myself, but I'm kind of the ultimate hype girl. We have a lot of fun, play music and really just have a blast! 


Well then, let's figure it out! I'm going to go over allll the lingerie types as well as other pieces you can tie in. At the end I'll give you a list of places that I love to shop for pieces!


Not every type of underwear is created equal! These are my faves!

Thong (not g-string), High Waisted and Cheeky


Bra's & Panty Sets

When shopping for bras, seriously fit is the absolute most important part. If you are wearing an ill fitting bra, it's going to affect the photos and how you feel about yourself. Grab a matching set or two, but you can absolutely mix and match here too! Aim for a classic neutral color. Something fun: Texture (lace, strappy bits, embroidery, velvet, etc.) really adds a special element to photographs. 


Okay, I'll be real honest, bodysuits are just FIRE! I mean they are almost universally flattering on everyone. And they come in so many colors, textures and options! They slim and hug your body in the best ways and are more flattering than babydolls that just float off your figure in not the best way.

Over Pieces

So what does this mean? Basically anything that you can put over you. A lace Kimono, an off the shoulder sweater, a button up shirt or a robe (not that fluffy ugly house one though)

Other Ideas

So besides the above, you can also change it up with cute matching pj's, a graphic Tee and underwear, off the shoulder sweater and undies, a faux fur vest and undies. The possibilities are endless!

Color Tones

Where to Shop

What to look for: Pick pieces in colors that look great with your skin. Warm skin tends to really pop with warmer tones clothes, and cool skin shines brightly with cooler shades. This is just a suggestion though. If you really love a color that doesn’t ‘go’ with your skin- rock it!

What to Avoid: Stay away from intense, bright or neon-colored clothing. These can create ugly color casts (i.e. that neon orange bodysuit is going to make your skin glow bright orange too! Not cute!)

When in doubt, neutral colors (white, cream, and black) always look amazing!

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