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Photo by: Itzel Photo Co

I want your beautiful family in front of my lens

So what is my goal when you look at my photos? My hope is that you say something along the lines of "Damn, I want my family to be captured like this".

I also want you to be able to picture yourself and your family in these photos. To see different types of families and know that you belong here. 

Heres the thing. I want to capture you as you are. Hopefully a session filled with laughter, big smiles and all that mushy love stuff. But I also keep it real here, and if you have kids, that means you know that tears can happen, noses might get picked, goofy faces will form and 2 year olds won't stop moving. But I love it. Goodness do I love it all. Time goes so quickly and pictures are the most beautiful way to remember these moments.


So don't stress. I've got you. 



What the People Are Saying!


Casey has been doing our family photos for years now! My kids are so energetic and things feel so chaotic trying to get them to take one good picture but somehow she always gets something magical. She’s just the best!

- Lindsay B. 


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