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I'm Cassandra; middle name is Joy. But I also go by Casey, so feel free to call me either!

My life is a busy one, but I seem to thrive on the chaos! I'm a mama to two amazing little ladies and a wife to a rad husband who always knows how to make me smile. I drink way too much coffee, laugh at inappropriate times and listen to music all day long. My favorite days end watching a gorgeous sunset with a cold craft beer in hand. 

I'm a planner in most aspects of my life, but when it comes to photography and films, I love the unscripted moments. The unknown, the spontaneous and the spur of the moment shots that make you connect to it. I I carry my camera (almost) everywhere I go and am constantly documenting the days with my family. I'm sure they get sick of it, but my walls are covered with the most amazing memories of our life because of it. I'd love to help you add some beautiful pictures to your wall! 

I look forward to hearing from you!



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